To help scratchbuilders these parts from kits that are available seperately to help you add detail to your own models. Of course you can use the parts also to extend your kit projects. For example, kits such as these Oil Tanks could be combined to make a large fuel storage depot. Includes pipe fittings, but not the catwalk or ladders from the Oil Depot kit R0529.

Number Item Price
R0530 Oil Tanks, HO $13.00

Manhole Cover and Sewer Grating Set, 1/160 scale. 2 each of 3 different style mahole covers, and three gratings. Cut at 1200 dpi for maximum detail and sharp resolution, these actually take slightly more machine time to manufacture than the HO scale version, due to the extremely fine detail. For example, the words "sewer" and "drain" can be made out. Replicas of actual NYC street details. Covers measure 5.75mm to 6mm, gratings are 7.5x4mm. US Quarter in photo is size reference. Laser cut and relief engraved in durable dark brown .025mm Laserboard.

Number Price
VCD-1 Sewer Covers and Drains $6.25

Molded plastic kits.

A detailed compact industry for your railroad. This liquid fuel business will generate both rail and road traffic. Your model business can handle fuel oil, gasoline or both.
The model has two tanks located within a dike area in case of leaks. The tanks feature fine scale steps that curve up and around the tanks. Outside the tank area are pumps and intricate piping, a small office and a detailed trackside tank car unloading area.
The tanks, piping, office and unloading area are molded in appropriate colors.
---tank dike area: 3 3/8” by 5 ½”
---tanks: 2 1/8” diameter by 2 5/8” high
---office: 1 5/8” by 1 ¼”
---tank car unloading: 5 ½” by ½”

Number Item Price
BCH 168-8524 Twin Oil Tanks $20.00

Single stone engine house with louvred roof and wooden doors. 3 3/4" long x 1 7/8" wide.

Number Item Price
R0203 Engine House, N $20.50

Two horizontal oil storage tanks with a pump house / office.

Number Item Price
R0228 Oil Depot, N $11.50

Two horizontal oil storage tanks.

Number Item Price
R0315 Oil Tanks, N $6.75

Two coal bins with office building.

Number Item Price
R0229 Coal Depot, N $10.50