This HO scale structure is small and Simple To Build©. The laser cutting, signs, and graphics are all by RailroadKits. Laser cut walls, Tichy© windows, cardstock and paper roof, stripwood bracing, and laser printed paper signs. If you've never built a wood structure, this is an ideal kit to get your feet wet without spending a lot of money. Penryn Fruit Co. (footprint 3" x 2.5") Wood, Plastic.

Number Item Price
RRK-PFC Penryn Fruit Company $14.00

Manhole Cover and Sewer Grating Set, 1/87. 2 each of 3 different style mahole covers, and three gratings. Replicas of actual New York City street details. Covers measure .46" diameter to .43", gratings are .5". US penny in photo is size reference. Laser cut and relief engraved in durable Laserboard.

Number Item Price
Sewer Covers and Curb Drains Sewer Covers and Curb Drains $5.75

Molded plastic kits.

Fully detailed small time (backwoods) sawmill. Just a corrugated iron roof to keep out the rain. No side walls. Steam powered rotating saw blade.
In addition to the saw mill with horizontal steam boiler there are two other buildings and a log crane. Two log cradle cars bring the logs to the saw and a hand cart takes away the cut boards. Logs and cut boards are included.
Over 80 parts molded in realistic colors.

Number Item Price
BCH 168-8514 Sawmill $35.00

Bring a lighthouse to your HO harbor with this working model!
Typical of lighthouses protecting harbors large or small, the finished model looks great by itself or alongside other buildings in a layout scene.
The tower walls are detailed to look like real stucco.
Designed for easy construction. Separate doors and clear "glass" windows with fine mullions molded in place are included.
The main walls and trim are molded separately in different colors to produce a realistic building.
The model can include the LH50/51 working flashing light to animate the tower.
About: 3" x 8 1/8"

Number Item Price
168-8519 Lighthouse, HO $14.00

Add this great lighthouse light to your light house model. The light starts off slowly brightening to full on, then slowly dimming to off. Then the pattern repeats; simulating beacon light rotation.
This slow brightening-dimming light can be run on:
• a 9 volt battery
• or directly on your model train power supply or hobby transformer. Up thru 16 volts.
The fully assembled circuit comes with your choice of LED. Choose from warm white (LH50) or cool white (LH51).
Perfect to complete the HO Lighthouse, 168-8519

Number Item Price
LH50 Lighthouse Light $25.00

Create steam for a factory, water pump or electric generator. 4 3/8" long x 3 1/2" wide

Number Item Price
R0508 Boiler House, HO $25.75

To help scratchbuilders these parts are available separately to help you add detail to your own models. Of course you can use the parts also to extend your kits projects. Includes a 29 foot high chimney with cowl moulded in silver grey plastic, support wires, exhaust blower, hand wheel and miscellanies piping (building not included).

Number Item Price
R0510 Industrial Fittings, HO $5.25

Oil depots can be seen all around the country, often used for domestic oil, which would be delivered by rail or road tanker. Esso Petroleum decals included. Area; 7" x 3 3/4" wide.

Number Item Price
R0529 Oil Depot, HO $22.00