Letters and numbers must be mounted on a support and are available from Slaters and Vector Cut.

Behind the letters, signs can have either solid sheet backgrounds; several horizontal supports or be “free standing” (attached to a supporting surface at their base). When supported at the top or bottom, these may need a single small horizontal rail for increased attachment surface.

Rob Weinstein has used Slater’s serf letters on horizontal supports with impressive results. Here topping his impressive building modeling is “Anne’s Landing” and “Weinstein Pipe Co” constructed using SS1113 and SS1107 serf letters.

Slater’s range of styrene plastic alphabets is available in a number of sizes and has many uses - in fact virtually anything that requires lettering. There are two different typefaces (fonts) - a thin sans serif ‘plain’ lettering, and a wider (bolder) serif style used on many name boards. Individual letters are easily attached to a backing with contact adhesive. Liquid styrene cement can be used with a styrene backing.

Each pack contains one molding (except 1116 which contains two different pieces), so the number of each letter or numeral provided varies according to size. All but the largest sizes contain numerals as well. Each size is defined by the height (in millimeters) of an individual letter (e.g. reference 1105 has lettering 5mm high), and all are available in white, while the 8mm size (1108) is also available in black (ref. 1108B).

Vector Cut laser cut laser board alphabets are available in three fonts: American Luncheonette, Art Deco and Classic Railroad Station. American Luncheonette is available in two sizes: 3.5 and 4mm. Art Deco is available only in 4.7mm. Classic Railroad Station is available in two sizes: 2.6 and 4.7mm. Individual letters are easily attached to a backing with contact adhesive.