Vector Cut Raised Letters and Numbers

RAILWAY MODELS is your source for laser cut letters and numbers. Sets of raised letters and numbers are available in three (3) sizes, and three styles or fonts, and can be used in HO, O, S, N, G and Z scales.

Make your own raised letter signs with Laser Cut Letters and Numbers.

Scale Dimensions (inches)

2.6mm (0.102"), Classic Railroad Station - micro169752.5
3.5mm (0.138"), Luncheonette2212973
4mm (0.157"), Luncheonette22.5141083.5
4.7mm (0.185"), Art Deco, Classic Railroad Station and Numbers29161294

VCL 23.5 and 4 mm, American Luncheonette - OUT OF STOCK$9.00
VCL 34.7mm, Art Deco - OUT OF STOCK$7.65
VCL 44.7mm, Classic Railroad Station - OUT OF STOCK$10.80
VCL 52.6mm (0.103"), Classic Railroad Station - micro - OUT OF STOCK$7.75
VCL 64.7mm, Numbers$4.25