MinitrainS Plymouth Diesel Engine with Micro-Trains Couplers

These engines were first introduced in the late 1960's and were an instant classic.
BCH International reintroduced the MinitrainS line with an all-new motor and gear drive and with an operating headlight.
With Micro-Trains 1015 couplers use this Plymouth as a switch engine; power for your model short line railway, loging line, mining road or stel mill.
The only limit is your imagination.

Operates on any N Gauge track (including Peco HOe/HOn30 track and switches).

5000Minitrains Plymouth Diesel - Unpainted, with Micro-Trains Couplers$95.00
5002MinitrainS Plymouth Diesel - Blue, number 2, with Micro-Trains couplers$95.00
5003MinitrainS Plymouth Diesel - Yellow, number 17, with Micro-Trains couplers$95.00
5005MinitrainS Plymouth Diesel - Dark Green and Yellow, number 12, with Micro-Trains couplers$95.00
5006MinitrainS Plymouth Diesel - Brown, number 19, with Micro-Trains couplers$95.00